The Brand

AYUMI eyewear was created by Los Angeles based power couple, Ayumi Kimura, O.D. and Neil McClenaghan, O.D., following years of research while catering to a distinguished clientele at individual practices. Combining a shared passion for innovation and their penchant for fashion, AYUMI delivers eyewear for discerning individuals and those who appreciate a product that was created without compromise.

While Neil’s Italian roots foster a European sensibility and timeless chic, Ayumi’s Japanese heritage inspired the meticulous craftsmanship and design of eyewear made in the renowned city of Sabae, Japan, home to some of the highest quality frames in the world. Blending the pairs unique backgrounds and experiences with a shared vision, AYUMI was born to elevate the existing standards in luxury eyewear.

Quality, fashion, and function are at the forefront of the collection, as well as remarkable comfort and durability that accommodates a variety of prescriptions. With a powerful understanding of the unique needs demanded by the diverse lifestyles of clients-whether at work or play, AYUMI provides frames that are timeless yet current in their styling for refined individuals.

AYUMI empowers self-expression, an appreciation for the past and a curiosity for the future, integrating high fashion with sophisticated minimalism. As a company we aim to inspire relentless optimism, unabashed drive, and a passion for life that our founders live by.


Titanium is at the heart of each frame in order to minimize weight while maximizing strength and durability.


Over 200 stations are involved in making each frame, many of which are performed by hand. Meticulous craftsmanship goes into each process including a 72hour polish before undergoing specially selected color treatments to produce an ultra-rich color scheme with flawless textures.


Even though many manufacturing techniques are still best performed by hand, modern technology must not be ignored. Machines and software with 3D, 4D and even 5D capabilities are used to produce a flawless smooth curved surface.

Quality Control:

Quality control is an obsession and can’t be rushed. It takes approximately 30 days to produce each frame. Technicians at each station are inspecting for the highest quality.